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Capital Yacht Club
Washington, DC 20024
United States of America


The Capital Yacht Club is situated up the Potomac River on the Washington Channel. Noted to be one of the most spectacular and momentous rivers in the country, the Potomac River have plenty of marinas and anchorages for those who wish to moor their boats.There are nearby holiday cottages for the weary traveller.


The marina at the Capital Yacht Club has both floating and fixed docks, and is able to accommodate vessels from weekend cruisers to large liners up to 220 feet. Electrical power, cable TV and telephone service is available and when vessels anchor on the channel, they can use the yacht club facilities at a small price.


The Capital Yacht Club, which was established in 1892, carries a warm and friendly ambience and offers a bar, seating area, meeting and party room as well as bathroom and laundry facilities.

What are Yachts?

Yachts differ from all other vessels due to the fact that they are boats of leisure. Yachts are used for recreational purposes, be it for sport (sailing) or for relaxing and unwinding. There are several types of yachts: sailing, fishing, weekender, cruising, luxury, motor, day cruiser and propeller to name a few.These craft are great for cruising around the world and holiday trips to exotic destinations like Caribbean Cruises become a reality rather than a dream.


“I had been working at sea on a cargo ship for twenty years. I started off as a potato peeler and after many hard years of work, I managed to climb higher and higher up the corporate ladder. The work was difficult and tedious and not to mention hideously long. My days were early and my nights long with constant work – containers, shipping routes, managing ship accounts and so forth. In all honesty, I sometimes hated my job. But I'll tell you a secret – the only thing that kept me going were my moments. In between all the hustle and bustle, when I managed to catch my breathe and sit down, I would have a moment of absolute bliss. I'd go up to the highest deck and sit with my coffee and cigar. Just having the sun shine gently on my face, looking at the endless horizon and wondering about the possibilities it may hold, peacefully gazing at the deep blue sea in wonder – life would feel good. When I retired, I knew what I had to. I bought a yacht. Those moments I use to capture at sea are now my life. I spend my days on my yacht, reliving those moments forever. My yacht is my home and brings me the greatest pleasure."

- Tommy Gloupsy

How are Yachts Made?

Yacht lengths can vary from 10m to 70m and are propelled by power, sail or both. Those that use both power and sail are more economically and environmentally friendly and are dictated depending on weather conditions. Initially made from steel or wood, yachts are now made from a variety of materials including ferrocement, carbon fire, plywood, veneers, aluminum, steel and epoxy resins.


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